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FAQ about NFT games and Block chain games
Still curious about CryptoPoly? Here are answers to some common queries.

CryptoPoly is a Play to Earn crypto game inspired by the famous Monopoly game. It’s a win-win game, where winners get profits credited right into their wallets. On the other hand, losers receive LEE tokens used to share profits amongst CryptoPoly users. This way, no one leaves the game empty-handed.

Cryptopoly also lets you earn a passive income by owning any of the 16 super rare and limited NFTS. Please find more details here

You need to have MetaMask wallet installed in your browser and need to have sufficient balance (MATIC) in your wallet to play

CryptoPoly runs on the popular Polygon network. The advantage of the Polygon network is that the gas fees on this network is negligible. In addition, the game is governed by smart contracts which can be inspected. Smart contracts provide a transparent and trustworthy gaming environment. In addition, they make transaction records secure.

Minimum bet allowed is 2 MATIC and maximium bet allowed is 100 MATIC .

House edge of Cryptopoly is 3% (min 0.05 MATIC)

Cryptopoly uses the industry gold standard ChainLink VRF for random number generation. And it takes some time for the random number to be generated as it is generated off the block chain.

Cryptopoly does not allow you to play the same game in two windows/tabs at the same time. However you can use different accounts and play in 2 different browsers if needed.

Cryptopoly is governed by smart contracts in the Polygon network. These smart contracts can be inspected any time. In addition, CryptoPoly is provably fair. The platform uses ChainLink VRF, the industry gold standard for random number generation. Also, users do not need to sign up or provide KYC. The gameplay takes place in a secure and anonymous environment.

The reward money gets credited to your wallet instantly on winning the game. CryptoPoly also credits 3x LEE tokens if a player does not win any rewards. For example, if you pay 10 MATIC for a roll bet and do not win a reward, CryptoPoly credits 30 LEE tokens to your wallet.

Cryptopoly is governed by smart contracts. And these smart contracts ensures that the game has enough balance before you can bet. The game does not allow you to play if it does not have enough balance.

Yes Cryptopoly has a test mode which allows you to play with test MATIC tokens. The test mode gives you a feel of how the game would work.

This is the amount you pay for rolling the dice once. All rewards are calculated based on the Roll bet amount.

Your token moves to the next position either once or multiple times based on the "times" chosen. The number of times the dice would roll is decided by the drop down. For eg if you choose "3 times", the dice would roll 3 times and your token would move thrice. The amount to be paid is calculated based on the number of times E.g. if you selected 10 times and if your roll bet amount is 2 MATIC, the game would ask you to pay 20 MATIC (10 times X 2 MATIC)

Spin and Treasure Box cards are cards that are "lucky" cards that will win you a reward. Once you land on a Spin or a Treasure Box card, one of the cards is randomly picked from the lot. It would be a reward usually which credits 25%, 50% or 75% of your roll bet amount to your wallet instantly.

LEE Tokens are Cryptoly's crypto tokens. With only 10M LEE tokens minted, game profits are distributed amongst LEE token holders. LEE tokens are credited to your wallet when you do not win any reward.

The contracts are verified and published.

Test mode(Mumbai testnet):
Game contract - 0xEFF188Bd11384f9007a6c8a5D196A967f62EaAA8

Polygon mainnet
Game Contract 0x42a47C131b613c115780aea7bD589F291b3dd7ca.
Cryptopoly NFT 0xB66e622E11D5102Fb0c797A67aEB92504B71ebe4.
LEE Token 0x38ee90c67EFd25644113c51b6e1cbe896cc03188.

We have noticed that this happens rarely, but the most common reason is a gas estimation error. Due to this, the transaction does not go through. You could try increasing the gas. Other possiible reasons and remedies have been mentioned here