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How To Play NFT Games

Don’t know how to get started? Fret Not!

Here are steps to follow and win exciting rewards on CryptoPoly!

CryptoPoly – A Three-Step Playing Guide

Connect Your Crypto Wallet


Your Crypto wallet

Place Your Preferred Roll bet


Your Preferred Roll bet

Roll Dice and let the fun begin!


Dice and let the fun begin!

Inspired from the evergreen board game Monopoly, this fun online crypto-based game is an enticing place to earn lucrative rewards


CryptoPoly - A Visual Guide on How to Play

Here are the detailed steps to play the game.

  • Cryptopoly uses the Metamask Wallet. So please make sure it is installed in your browser. Download now
  • Cryptopoly resides in the Polygon Network. So make sure you have enough MATIC currency to play the game. However you can use the Test mode to get a feel of the game before playing with real money.
  • Before you start to play, you need to make sure your wallet is connected. Use the Connect Wallet button to connect your wallet.
  • Next, you will have to enter your Roll bet amount. This is the amount you wish to pay for rolling the dice once. All rewards will be calculated based on the Roll bet amount.
  • Now you can click on the Roll button. The Roll button moves your token once or multiple times. You can select the number of "times" from the drop down.
  • After the dice rolls, your token will move to the designated block.
  • Depending on the block, you could win exciting rewards and rewards are credited to your crypto wallet immeadiately
  • You could land on a a Spin or Treasure Box card. One of the cards will be randomly picked from the lot when that happens.
  • In case you do not win a reward, 3x LEE tokens are immediately sent to your wallet account.
  • All rewards are immeadiately credited to your account.
Know About NFT games

What Should You Know?

Before proceeding to play, ensure you are aware of these vital points.

  • If you win rewards, our system credits your wallet instantly
  • Spin and Treasure Cards are rewards(25%, 50% or 75% of the roll bet amount) which is credited instantly
  • Even if you don't win rewards immeadiately , you still win LEE tokens, credited directly to your wallet
  • One of the best benefits of playing CryptoPoly – You WIN all the time!
blockchain games LEE Tokens

LEE Tokens

Introducing LEE tokens — the beloved currency of CryptoPoly

  • As CryptoPoly is a win-win game, players receive LEE tokens even if they lose
  • The game runs on a dividend sharing system
  • Once every month, LEE token holders share game profits depending on their holding amount
  • If you lose, you receive 3x LEE tokens on the placed bet in your wallet instantly
  • Finally, with only 10M LEE tokens minted, players will always be in the game to win active rewards!